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  I am Emmanuel Huna, a Software Engineer in the Silicon Valley, in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Since 1996 and over the years, I have published content on different web sites as a hobby - this page contains links and information on this content. Click on the following link to contact me: s...@ehuna.org or check out http://about.me/ehuna for a quick list of technologies I work with.  
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  Every once in a while I meet with my-coworkers and give them an overview of a new technology or tool.  You will find for example screencasts on Windows and SQL Azure (the latest Microsoft Cloud solution), new technlogies announced at the latest Professional Developers Conference (PDC), tips on how to better manage passwords for web sites, create and use layers in Google Earth, or how to use Microsoft's Live Mesh technology.  Watch online or subscribe to view the video podcasts on your Zune or iPod.
  With Twitter and FaceBook, it's easy to quickly share a link, an idea, or a picture.  But sometimes I need to dig in a bit deeper, and in my blog I write longer articles. 

Some of the content is personal and some is technical - on software development and Microsoft technologies (WPF, WCF, ASP.NET, Windows Azure, SQL Azure, LINQ, ADO.NET, etc...).
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  Update 7/6/2010: I have received a couple of offers and I have accepted one! I am no longer looking for a job, but you can check out my resume below if you really want to.  Here's my Professional Summary:

"Highly motivated, creative and accomplished Software Engineer with 17 years of increasingly responsible experience. Seeking a challenging development position with a company that offers the opportunity to utilize my expertise in overseeing the design and implementation of high quality applications using Microsoft .NET Technologies, including Windows Azure, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, MVC, MVC2, Ajax, WCF, WPF, Silverlight, RIA Services, Windows Forms, LINQ, Entity Framework, Web Services, Windows Services, Visual Basic, Classic ASP, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Azure, SSRS, DTS, TFS, MSMQ, Hyper-V, XML, XSLT, HTML, CSS, JQuery, and/or JavaScript."

Download my resume below:

Format Description
HTML Good formatting and perfect for the Web
ASCII Text format, plain and simple.
MS Word Microsoft Word 2007 format.
PDF The Adobe standard in fixed layout formats; if needed you can get the free Fox It Reader for Windows or the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Note: you can save the resume directly to your computer by right-clicking on the format of your choice and then selecting 'Save As'.  If you'd like additional details on my earlier work, click here for my 2002 resume (PDF).
  Depending on who you ask, "Web 2.0" means better technology ("Ajax"), social features or both.

I have jumped on the Social Networking bandwagon and I have a presence many of these buzz words:




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  Our Loreto Project: Casa Brasil
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  We purchased a lot in Loreto, Mexico, in the state of Baja California Sur (BCS). It is located a couple of hours south of Los Angeles, California, by plane. It is our goal to build a house on the lot and this site keeps track of the progress in what we have called: "Our Loreto Project: Casa Brasil"   Literally thousands of pictures organized into albums and sub-albums. A few public albums are available, but most of the site is password protected for family and friends.  If you're a friend (or family) shoot me an email and I'll give you access to the site - you may find a few pictures of yourself there!
  Our Slideshows
  The Lazy Bastard Comic Blog
  Selected albums from our picture gallery are sometimes published as slideshows with music.  These slideshows contain higher resolution images and the background music makes it much more interesting than just browsing through pictures.   Before blogging became mainstream, I created this site where I posted a collection of funny images & links your cousin Hank could have emailed you.  Since I still get quite a few hits on the site I left it up - Google ads revenue adds up...
  The Changer
  19th Ave Park Homeowners Association
  The Changer is a very simple program I wrote back in 1996.  I got the idea from a pack called "Replacement Windows 95 Logos" by Brad Spencer and Dave Whiting.  In their original pack they included many bitmaps (images) and explained how to change the Windows 95 boot screen manually .  I went a step further and created The Changer, which automates the whole process.   I host and manage my neighborhood’s Residents Association web site and I also edit and print its monthly newsletter.
  Emmanuel’s Photoblog
  Emmanuel and Janelle Helpdesk
  Back in 2005, way before the iPhone came around, I could take a picture from my phone (the HTC Apache/Sprint PPC-6700) and email it to this photo-blog. The picture was then available online a few seconds later.  This site is password protected, for family and friends only.   If you're having a problem with your computer, I can remotely connect and help you out.  This site is password protected for family and friends only.
  Archive: Flash Site
  Archive: First Site
  This previous ehuna.org site, was my site for a couple of years.  Adobe Flash is very popular but it can easily become a flashy, noisy mess.

  The first personal web site I created for myself back in 1996, on what was then Geocities.com (which was later purchased by Yahoo).  Check out the colors on the HTML and party like it's 1999!